Dura-Pack Introduces ‘Echelon’, a Smart Cannabis Weighing and Packaging System Powered by AI Technology

Dura-Pack, the industry-leading manufacturer of cannabis packaging automation equipment and cannabis pouches is introducing ‘Echelon’, an AI powered smart cannabis packaging system that is designed to weigh and dispense cannabis flower, THC-infused edibles and is 10x more accurate than any other cannabis weighing system on the market today.

Unlike traditional combination weighing systems, Echelon’s modular design boasts a very small footprint and can perform over 16 million weighing combinations within a fraction of a second and is 10x more accurate than its closest competitor. Echelon can accurately weigh both cannabis flower and virtually any THC-infused gummie or edible.

Echelon is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology that enables it to ‘learn’ cannabis flower and edibles in real-time. A wireless mobile device interface along with a 22” web-based touch screen interface allows for easy and intuitive operator use. Remote access and augmented reality support are also available.

“Echelon is truly a game changer in the cannabis space, and we will be debuting Echelon at MJBizCon, November 16 – 18. MJBizCon is the ideal venue for us to debut Echelon,” said Phillip Harrison, Cannabis Packaging Engineer at Dura-Pack. “Traditional combination weighers are capable of calculating around 16 thousand weighing combinations, Echelon is capable of calculating over 16 million weighing combinations within a fraction of a second. This astronomically high number of weighing combinations combined with extremely high precision accuracy, positions Echelon as the gold standard in cannabis packaging. We are confident that Echelon is poised to disrupt the entire cannabis packaging industry”.

What: MJBizCon
When: November 16 – 18, 2022
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
Booth #: 6545

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