Have a question about Echelon? Hopefully the FAQs below will answer your question, but if they do not answer your question(s), please contact us and speak directly with one of our cannabis packaging experts.

Unlike traditional cannabis weighing systems, Echelon utilizes proprietary AI technology coupled with highly precise pharmaceutical-grade scale technology typically found in pharmacological controlled environments. This combination enables Echelon to be 10x more accurate than any cannabis weighing system available today.

Echelon is very unique in that it will run cannabis flower, ground flower, gummies and virtually any THC-infused edible.

Echelon was built to occupy as little space as possible. Its small footprint allows Echelon to fit through a standard doorway and be used almost anywhere without the need to widen doorways and heighten ceilings.

Echelon has a variety of gentle handling features and the extremely short drop heights protect the integrity of cannabis flower and its trichomes, ensuring that cannabis flower is not damaged during the weighing and filling process.

Aside from the industry-leading precision and accuracy, Echelon was designed and is manufactured by Dura-Pack, an industrial scale company founded in 1971. Dura-Pack has over 50 years of developing state-of-the-art scale and weighing technologies for industries such as automotive, food, medical, pharmaceutical and cannabis. All Dura-Pack equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA in the Great State of Michigan.

Echelon is capable of dispensing product into virtually any rigid or flexible container such as glass/plastic jars, tubes, tins and pouches.

Echelon can be powered by a standard 110v electrical outlet.